Sic Bo: Bet Your Nuts Combo, Make Three Dice to Increase the Chance of a Win

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Sic Bo is a great option if you are looking for a different casino table game than the more familiar ones like Blackjack, 3 Card Poker and Craps.

It is extremely popular in Southeast Asia, Korea, and Macau, China, which is the newest gaming destination in the world. Although it is less well-known in the west, you can find it in some high end casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. It is usually restricted to Asian games only.

The Objective of Sic Bo

When three dice are rolled, the goal is to place wagers on the outcome of different numerical groups. The payouts for winning combination bets are between 1 and 1 and as high as 180 to 1.

Sic Bo can be played at a rectangular table with a dealer. However, table layouts, components, and payouts may vary between jurisdictions visit our site: There are 14 betting stations, but there is no limit on the number of players. Five dollars is the minimum table amount. A vibrating platform is provided under a glass dome that houses three dice ranging from one to six.

The payout amounts for each of the available bet options are displayed in pictorial format. Place your wagers directly on the combination you desire. The vibrating platform is activated by the dealer to initiate the first round. The dealer will activate the vibrating platform and enter each die number onto the keypad, which lights up winning combinations. After placing their bets, each player rotates around the table and vibrates the dice in an electric cage shaker. Once again, the dealer will enter the die numbers onto the keypad.

Sic Bo has seven types of betting:

Big or small bet

You can bet that the total will range from 4 to 10 (small) to 11 and 17 (big). At 1 to 1, a win pays even money. These are your best odds, even though any combination between three equal numbers is a loss for the player. For example, a combo of 2-2-2 equaling 6 in the small bet. This gives the house edge of 3%.

Bet with a Single Number

You can bet that two numbers or more will come up. You can win 5 to 1

Three numbers total sum

You can place a wager on the total of all three dice, starting at 4 and ending at 17. The table shows the payouts. They range from 6-1 to 60-1.

Double Bet

You bet that the result will include two of any number. Pays from 10 to 1.

Triple Bet

You bet that the result will include three of any number. Pays from 30 to 1.

Triple Bet

You can bet that the result will have three of a particular number . This is the most risky bet in Sic Bo, with a payout of 180 to 1. There are 216 possible combinations of dice (6x6x6) and only one winner. True odds: 216 to 1.

This game is different from other table games and might be fun for you.

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